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S bottom-up activities: social networking sites provide the ideal platforms through which users with similar values, beliefs and interests can unite and collaborate efficiently and at no cost. S ease of handling: an important feature of sns popularity is its simplicity. Anyone with basic internet skills can create and manage an online presence on a social networking site.they are also free and open to everyone. Most of them require registration, while others restrict membership by inviting members who are already members of the region. S the geographic redefinition of the internet: social networking sites have introduced new entry points into the personal worlds of people.

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Using social networking sites has the potential to reach a very large number of possibly low-budget customers. This is in contrast to the market, advertising where reaching customers require a relatively buy instagram pva significant investment. With this, you simply set up a free account and have someone actively exercises maintenance and information by responding to comments, suggestions, etc. Companies therefore have another creative way to sell their products using these networking sites, such as the flash ads to draw the attention of users. S it is a way for companies to build relationships of trust. Connections with potential or existing customers on a personal level easily create a strong trust.

S strengthening the business or trademark of a business. Creating a business presence on a social networking site is one of the effective and effective ways for this company to strengthen its brand on the internet. S people who have never been able to share their experiences and create relationships/ friendships that could never have been done without networking. S users who have previous experience in medicine, education and even finance can share tips with people who have questions about them in different forums. Instead of buy instagram account using letters that will take days of waiting, people can receive emails with attachments such as photos and videos in minutes. S is a way of entertainment through the various entertainment applications on these pages.

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S place and means of mobilizing public opinion for positive action. S educational benefits of social networking sites from research at the university of minnesota where students were asked what they learned from the use of social networking sites reported on the skills of new technology followed by creativity the fact that they learn to be open to new or different aspects instagram accounts for sale and further develop communication skills. The viral potential of these social networking sites where it means a very fast spread of news about a business, especially when it comes to bad news. S personal data is open to the public. People share detailed information about them in online social networking. This information can be stored and made available to large audiences.

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S identity theft. Cheating through computers and identity theft is a daily problem when surfing the internet. With spam. Spam is a worldwide problem on the internet. In online social networks, such as facebook, and linkedin users have to give their email address. With millions of online social network users it is an attractive target for malicious users to try to get access to email addresses that are stored in the system.these are likely to apply and therefore are of great value to spammers. Companies are able to see the user's profile and can decide whether to hire a person based on what they saw on their profile or not.-- s finally, wrong ads may end up. Until now, people have been talking on the internet for more details places like cities, addresses, home page, and now social networking sites have transformed these areas personally by talking about profiles, blogs, my picture, my space, etc.